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Informed Delivery

Your customers can now receive a DIGITAL PREVIEW of your direct mail piece -
right in their inbox - before it gets to their mailbox!

Competition Marketing’s Interactive Direct Mail is now integrated with the United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery. This exciting new technology
provides multiple impressions and interactivity for your customers - and builds anticipation by adding a digital element to our Direct Mail piece!

How It Works

Customers still value physical mail and the tangible experience it offers.

When the digital experience is added, the value of our physical mailer is enhanced by creating a “new mail moment” through digital content.

USPS Informed Delivery users receive by email scanned images of the exterior of incoming mail pieces, processed through automated equipment. Informed Delivery is part of a customer’s daily digital routine and allows them to interact and communicate digitally with their mail.


Think about this…now, direct mail from Competition Marketing actually engages with customers before they even get the mailer!


with Informed Delivery
A Clear Competitive Advantage!

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